Thursday, August 17, 2006

Marc's house

The Marc Chagall museum in Nice is worth a visit! Angela and I were planning on going to Italy for a day of trains and hiking but when I realized that Angela had not been to the beach and she realized that I had not been to the Chagall museum we decided to show each other our favorite things in Nice. We started the day at Multaris with the best breakfast I had in France. Hot chocolate so thick and dark that my spoon would have stood up in it and six different types of bread, croissants, various rolls and butter. It also came with dark blueberry jam, nutella and some honey. People walking by saw our breakfast and they stopped and turned around and came in and bought something-it was that good!

Then we went to the beach where Angela and I blind as bats without our glasses floated in the water and drank in the sun while floating in the sea. Have you ever swam in the Med? You need to ! So warm and inviting and calm-even mostly blind fair skinned people from Seattle would have a whale of an experience! :)

Then Angela took me to see some Chagall! Such colors, so beautiful, so riveting! Go visit it! It is worth the trip!

This picture does not do the stain glass window justice.

This is a close up from the above picture.

This is a mosaic that is in front of a fountain. All the signs of the zodiac.

Hey-look who is in the garden of Eden!

Life is a beach!

I was born in Morehead City, NC so you could say I was practically born on the beach and when I die, I want my ashes spread on a saltwater beach somewhere! Nice has a warm water beach but it is very rocky. Pebbles, the French like to call them but I am afraid they are just fooling themselves. It is so rocky that I resorted to swimming in my nevados! Hey, at least I had some clothes on!

Each morning , Angela would head off to school and I would walk with her for a ways with my towel and a couple of Euros so I could get an International Herald Tribune after I took my swim. Hardly anyone was there at the beach when I got there at 8:30 am but after swimming for an hour, the beach was crowded with sun worshippers.

If you are offended by nudity, then best to stay off the beaches of the Cote Azur! I of course went topless because I have the "devil may care" type of attitude. Now some people protested and one woman in particular swam right up to me thinking, I am sure, that she had found Moby Dick, the white whale of legend. Alas , when she saw that it was only me, she swam back to her expensive beach lounge chair to dream of other things.

Since I had no one to watch my stuff, I did not take a camera to the beach but I did find these pictures on the web which were exactly like my days at the beach, one even of the exact spot where I set my towel down every day! Such a popular spot.

Stories of the sights of the beaches of Nice will simply have to wait until you have liquored me up enough to regale you with my exploits. A comedy writer would have a field day in Nice!I set my towel up just over there by the white fence. On the other side of the fence, one could rent a beach chair and an umbrella for a mere 10 euros a day. I was too cheap and since I was going topless, worried about my poor Seattle skin to hang out very long to make it worth the money.

The walk ways are right above the beach and folk promenade into the wee hours of the morning. I saw some backpackers sleeping on the beach and swimming the next day in their whitey-tighteys (technical term that spell checker obviously does not know). Oh, to be young again!

Some of you who live on a warm water beach or at least near one are so lucky! Get out there!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The food of Nice!

Multaris is the greatest bakery of Nice. We found two locations, one right across from our apartment and behind the Nice Etoile. Their hot chocolate was to die for. The question is always what to have for breakfast because there is always great selections to munch on. Too many choices!
So difficult to choose!
A fish salad!
Grilled red peppers with a salad on the side.
Shrimp and fruit salad! Did I forget to tell you how hot it was in Nice this summer?
This is for my sister Sue who loves Napoleons (mille filles).
Of course, some people have more pedestrian tastes...I tried to order a big coke with lots of ice but they gave me a medium coke with four ice cubes!
Moules and frites reminded me of Steven and Rachel!
Angela's favorite salad consisted of herbs, balsamic vinegar with tomatoes and mozzerella.
An onion tart with olives or anchovies is a Nice speciality.
Every day is something new at Multaris-today is a variety of pizza.
Angela with her friends at a dinner in the middle of Old Town.
A croque monsignor is a ham and cheese sandwich with extra cheese melted over the top.

Croissants, millons of croissants, in every flavor and style. I love the ones with almond and chocloate!
Look at all that chevre!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

An afternoon in Eze

On Wednesdays, Angela had off of school. We took a bus trip to the small fortified town of Eze. It was once a hilltop fortress halfway between Nice and Monaco. Very remote and high above the coast. It commanded a strategic view of the Med so it had some military value. It was torn down by one of the french kings when he did not want to occupy it and did not want it to occupied by his oppenents. The locals decided to make a hill town out of the ruins. It is now a nice little collection of shops with an exotic garden planted at the very top of it. It was a very hot day and despite lots of water, we drank ourselves dry. Only cactus survives on top of Eze!
Angela in the town.
More stairs! Everywhere in France are stairs waiting to be climbed!
This is a view of the harbor below from the exotic (read that as Cactus) garden.
A shady spot by a water fountain.
Eze is very cute! A word I was destined to say and hear many times in the next three weeks! Eze also has a perfume factory located in the lower part of the town. We took the tour and even bought some perfume. It is a very fascinating process.